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Features of Focus

Create Work Orders

Managing your resources, inventory and time was never easier with the use of automated workflows provided by FOCUS

Scheduled Maintenance

Time is money and managing time is a very important task for any organization. Use our time driven or event driven preventive maintenance to keep on top of this tedious task.

Manage Assets

Use FOCUS to keep track of all your important assets. This will give you access to information such as where they are, how much they have been used and for what purpose.

Mobile Friendly

Don’t waste time trying to find a PC to use our system. Instead access it via any mobile device and save time and money.

Access Via Cloud

You can access FOCUS on a server hosted on the internet or it can be installed on your premises and can be accessed via the intranet.

Engage With API

We understand that no two workflows are the same for two organizations. Hence our extensive API (Application Programming Interface) provides the facility to customize your workflow with ease.

Dedicated Customer Support

If you need extra help, we will provide it. Our dedicated customer support team will analyze your request and provide you a timely and effective solution.