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Consulting Partner

If you wish to sell FOCUS but at the same time want to manage your relationships with your clients as trusted experts, then we suggest becoming a FOCUS Consulting partner.

What we offer

  • Referral incentives when customers you refer sign up for FOCUS
  • Freedom to market FOCUS using the FOCUS Partner logo on your website
  • Access to product documentation
  • Private Label Solution for you - We will allow you sell FOCUS under your own private label
  • Full time development support for customizations (We adhere to CMMI Standards)
  • Full time Technical Support for your Customers (We can take care of your support desk according to ITIL Standards)
  • Full time managed services support for your Customers
  • We will advertise you on the FOCUS website and in the other events

What We Expect

  • Market presence and lead generation in your region
  • Commitment to build market knowledge of FOCUS
  • Knowledge of CMMS to identify user requirements (Gap Analysis)
  • Offer training, and first level customer support and manage relationships with clients

Who can become a FOCUS consulting partner?

  • Any Software solution provider, Software marketing company, Business/Solution Consultant. Send us a message with your details so that we can initiate the process of making you a consulting partner.